Webinar replay: Turn your BSS into a 5G monetization engine

With 5G a commercial reality now that dozens of networks are live around the world, a new wave of unlimited business opportunities far surpassing the mobile broadband business we know today is shaping up. As a result, service providers are busy preparing their business support systems (BSS) to monetize 5G use cases.
Digital event

This webinar examines the state of BSS 5G preparations today and explore the steps needed to achieve readiness. We will look at the range of 5G revenue opportunities coming online and discuss how monetization systems will evolve from 3G/4G to 5G.

Key topics

  • Revenue opportunities in the 5G world
  • Evolution of monetization systems from mixed 3G/4G/5G services into full
  • 5G services over time, in areas such as IoT
  • Technical insight into 5G monetization technology standards, protocols and practical deployment architectures
  • Planned evolution of 5G monetization standards and new use cases to be enabled
  • Q&A with audience