Fixed access network

Future fixed access networks will have to distribute a range of narrowband, broadband and interactive services. This new style of infrastructure drives the elimination of service-specific networks, and could mean that wireline, wireless and business services all share common infrastructure.

Looking even further ahead, fixed access architecture will be based on network cloudification, virtualization and programmability. This could support hybrid and transitional deployment scenarios, which have a mix of physical and virtual services.

Components and characteristics

Fixed wireless access is a concept for providing broadband service to homes and SMEs that is particularly attractive in cases where there is no infrastructure in place to deliver wired broadband via copper, fiber, or hybrid solutions. 5G has the potential to enable cost-efficient solutions on a massive scale. Compared with fiber-to-the-home and other wireline solutions, it offers a variety of benefits including significantly lower rollout costs, rapid service rollout and lower OPEX.

Fixed area network graphic

Fixed wireless access for fixed and mobile service provider requires

  • Converged core network and common OSS/BSS for fixed and fixed wireless access broadband network
  • An enhanced OSS/BSS for
    • Remote support and diagnostics
    • Customers Premises Equipment (CPE) management
    • Point of sale and retail management
    • Installation support tool
Fixed wireless access for fixed

The viable option

The fixed wireless access concept is significantly strengthened by key technology enablers such as beamforming and new frequency bands, in combination with advances in mobile back and front hauling, network virtualization and network programmability. While keeping in mind that the exact characteristics of any fixed wireless access deployment are case specific, the 5G-based fixed wireless access is a viable option to fulfill the advanced future service requirements of the homes and SMEs of tomorrow.

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