Research collaboration cases related to 5G

Reaching new audiences through connected music

Through the collaboration with King's College London on connected music, we demonstrated how 5G can develop robust and efficient ways of creating immersive experiences.

Cutting production time in a blade smart manufacturing

Could 5G technology cut the time in one of the most demanding metal processing manufacturing? Together with Fraunhofer Institute of Production Technology and MTU Aero Engines, we showcase 75% shorter process phase.

A healing hand – King’s College London and Ericsson

We are collaborating with Dr Prokar Dasgupta, a professor and surgeon at King's College London Hospital to explore how the tactile internet can provide patients around the world with access to remote medical specialists. 

Leveling-up education with gaming – King’s College London, Rooplay and Ericsson

We are working with King's College London and Jason Williams at Rooplay to unlock education by making gaming more immersive with cutting-edge 5G technology.

Creating an immersive experience – King’s College London and Ericsson

Together with artist, writer and philosopher Ali Hossaini, we are working to discover how 5G can transform the arts and impact sensory experiences, bringing cultural events to new audiences around the world.

Teach anyone to learn anything

The Internet of Skills can enable anyone to become an expert. Together with Dr Mischa Dohler, Chair Professor in Wireless Communications at King's College London, we are learning how to transfer human knowledge remotely.

Safety is no accident

By harnessing 5G technology, Ericsson and Boliden are boosting reliable communication in mines to improve productivity and safety.

Take the road untraveled – Scania, the Royal Institute of Technology and Ericsson

Join Ericsson, Scania and the Royal Institute of Technology as they accelerate autonomous, connected transportation fueled by 5G.

Touch the virtual world – ABB and Ericsson

Ericsson and ABB are engineering robot remote control with haptics, enabling us to realistically 'touch' the virtual world for the first time.

Smart fix – Cramo, Husqvarna and Ericsson

Ericsson, Cramo and Husqvarna have created a pioneering proof of concept for process automation, transforming the tool rental business.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Together with SKF and Chalmers University of Technology we radically transform manufacturing with cutting-edge 5G technology.

Enabling connected healthcare – AstraZeneca, China Mobile, WND and Ericsson

Ericsson is partnering with AstraZeneca, WND and China Mobile to enhance healthcare services in China through collaboration and the Internet of Things.

Securing the cloud for the future – TIM and Ericsson

We are connecting people, objects and the cloud to optimize processes, enhance safety and reduce costs in services enabled by 5G projects. Learn more about this case.

The robotics – Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, The BioRobotics Institute and Ericsson

In collaboration with the BioRobotics Institute and Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, Ericsson is exploring innovative uses for 5G cloud robotics. Learn more about this case.

The gateway to Tuscany – CNIT, Port of Livorno and Ericsson

Discover how Ericsson, CNIT and the Port of Livorno are considering ways to transform seaport communications by developing a connected port. Learn more about this case.

A healthy obsession with innovation – Imaginalis, El.En and Ericsson

Two Tuscany-based companies are combining their research efforts with Ericsson to transform healthcare treatments and improve the lives of patients around the world.

On the road to innovation – Piaggio and Ericsson

In collaboration with Ericsson, Tuscan company Piaggio is using 5G technology to put Italy at the forefront of the transportation sector once again.

We’ve got the X-Factory – Ericsson smart factories

Ericsson factories in Sweden, Estonia and China are fast-tracking the introduction of a new generation smart manufacturing.