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Railway management for rail systems and passenger services

What could be more demanding than a modern railway or metro system? Operators face a highly competitive transport marketplace, strict regulatory requirements, critical public expectations, and an absolute demand for safety. They depend on robust systems and tightly coordinated communications. And as large-scale infrastructure, all rail projects must be built to last and meet future needs.

Solutions that respond to your needs

Private LTE

Ericsson Open Enterprise Connectivity leverages the broadband capability of LTE Radio to enable multiple industry applications such as: mission critical push-to-talk, real-time CCTV surveillance, train control, passenger info and sensor telemetry.

Onboard connectivity

People expect high-speed, seamless connections while commuting. Ericsson Network Operations for Passenger Services (NOPS) addresses the management of IT Service Lifecycle for on-train passenger services, which have direct impact on passenger experience and satisfaction. Ericsson's solutions enable operators to offer a complete passenger experience. As passengers spend more time on-line, this can increase revenues for the operator.

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Digital Train & Track

Our Internet of Things, connectivity, and cloud solutions enable rail and metro systems to be monitored by using predictive maintenance to prevent failures. This results in fewer travel disruptions for passengers and a reduction in engineering inspections, leading to an optimization of maintenance costs.

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Integrated mobility

We help traffic operators integrate passenger communications, as well as toll and fare collection across different transport modes and companies.

“We aim to develop solutions that ensure enhanced rail safety through communications-based train control and CCTV, as well as enhanced entertainment for passengers through services such as voice, platform information, advertising and Wi-Fi.”

- Charlotta Sund, Head of Customer Group Industry & Society at Ericsson

Responsive to tomorrow's changes

Our agile solutions can adapt rapidly while providing secure connectivity around the world.

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Why is 5G of interest for railway management?

With real time data via 5G connectivity you can do more than manage railway infrastructure, you can control it. Ericsson offers the ability to invest in technology today and be ready for changes in the future. As 5G mobile connectivity becomes a reality, it will enable IoT solutions to increase safety and efficiency.

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Why is IoT of interest for railway management?

Ericsson offers end-to-end solutions to secure data handling including operation of IoT solutions. All collected data can be distributed into your existing maintenance and operation center, and the rail operators will get instant information about the status on point machines, track circuits, level crossings and more.

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Why are Cloud solutions interesting for railway management?

Real-time monitoring and predictive analytics are powerful tools to increase your ability to anticipate events and control risk, and transform unexpected outages into early warnings. We help rail operators to securely connect resources, enhance situational awareness, and respond with real-time intelligence. 

LTE for rail is making every journey smoother

Ericsson is driving technology that is crucial to the future of mobile broadband connectivity. We co-innovate with our partners to create valuable services and happier passengers.

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Partnering with Icomera to provide Wi-Fi on Deutsche Bahn high-speed trains

"The partnership also establishes the framework and foundations required for developing a truly interconnected eco-system of onboard services and systems in the future." -Saeed Bashirian, Managing Director of Icomera Germany GmbH.

Connect the entire transport ecosystem

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Making traffic safer, more efficient and more sustainable.


Public Transport

Scalable solutions allow you to start small and build smart as you grow.

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Enhance the customer experience and drive new revenue opportunities.