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Reach the full potential of sustainable roads

In the next generation of traffic management, everything that moves will be connected, taking interaction between all actors to a new level. Integrating the entire connected ecosystem supports collaboration and advanced traffic automation to make roads safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

Connected urban transport

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Urban transport

Large cities are facing huge challenges to improve the efficiency, safety and sustainability of transport. To solve this, traffic and transport management must be more connected, multi-modal and managed in a smarter way. By connecting public transport and road traffic management into solutions that enables cooperation between all modes of transport, urban traffic can be managed at a completely new level.

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Busy highways need solutions to manage traffic and ensure safety, while maximizing traffic flow. Roadside ITS, like cameras, variable signs and road tolling needs to be managed effectively. As connected vehicles become a reality, ITS services will be integrated in vehicles. Connected vehicles that communicate in real-time will enable a giant leap towards safer road traffic, and more efficient traffic management.

Connected urban transport enhances road safety

Find out how Ericsson's new approach to intelligent traffic management is turning insights into action, providing authorities and cities with the ability to aggregate and analyze diverse, real-time data from connected vehicles, infrastructure and devices, while completely connecting everything and everyone that moves.

Solutions that respond to your needs

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Connected urban transport

Realize the full potential of digitalization by with the ability to aggregate and analyze diverse, real-time data from connected vehicles, infrastructure and devices. This access to data will expand insights and assist operational decision-making.

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ICT infrastructure

Our multi-service, backbone networks and mobile network solutions make it easier to integrate the entire transport ecosystem, including drivers and passengers. This further enables efficient traffic models and the creation of value-adding services.

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Integrated mobility

We help traffic operators integrate passenger communications, as well as toll and fare collection across different transport modes and companies.

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Connected vehicle

Connectivity is changing the automotive ecosystem, and the way drivers interact with their cars. Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud is catering to the global automotive industry’s need for scalability, security and flexibility when connecting products and services.

Some of our Road cases

From vehicle-to-vehicle communication for more efficient fleets to cars built for the sharing economy, Ericsson partners with industry leaders to co-innovated the future of connected vehicles.

Find more cases here

Drive Sweden - A new approach to mobility

Ericsson is one of the key partners of Drive Sweden - a Strategic Innovation Program launched by the Swedish government that gathers the best in the area – from all sectors of society.

The Talking Traffic Case Study

World's first nationwide real-time traffic service Solution; provided by Government

Translink is connecting public transport across the Netherlands

Translink worked with Ericsson to simplify commuting in the Netherlands by creating a solution to incorporate 10 local and national transport operators with a single e-ticketing system.

Responsive to tomorrow's changes

Your end-to-end partner for secure connectivity and solid expertise.

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With real time data via 5G connectivity you can do more than manage railway infrastructure, you can control it.

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Ericsson offers an end-to-end solution for planning, managing and operating your connected assets.

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Adopt a platform that performs seamlessly today, and will continue to evolve with your needs.

A platform to connect the entire transport ecosystem



Adding value to everything from infrastructure to passenger services.


Public Transport

Scalable solutions allow you to start small and build smart as you grow.

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Enhance the customer experience and drive new revenue opportunities.