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How can you make it easier for subscribers to send, receive and spend money with mobile phones and throughout Peru?

Providing easy-to-use and secure next generation mobile financial services to all Peruvians, including those who today may not have access to traditional banking services, may seem like a daunting challenge.

But with the launch of the “Bim” mobile wallet from ASBANC (Peru’s National Bank Association), Peruvians can now access digital financial services right in the palm of their hands. With Bim, any Peruvian with a mobile phone can open a bank account and make financial transactions. This can be done without ever having to visit a bank.

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The Ericsson Wallet Platform, Ericsson Managed Services and Systems Integration Services

ASBANC and Ericsson have launched the next-generation mobile financial services that aim to include 2.1 million unbanked Peruvians by 2019.

Ericsson's solution includes a fully integrated platform, capable of hosting all services from different financial and commercial institutions to secure interoperability.

The solution also allows financial service providers to reuse existing assets to bundle secure telecom and financial services. In addition, Ericsson has provided ASBANC with systems integration, learning services, managed services and overall support.

We see a great potential for this platform to extend and further strengthen the financial system in Peru. This is a huge inclusive effort done by the financial industry that now can count on the support from important companies within the private sector.

Oscar Rivera, President of ASBANC


Peter Heuman, Head of M-Commerce, Ericsson shares his thoughts:

"Ericsson is committed to advancing a more flexible and transparent global financial ecosystem. Our solution empowers banks and financial service providers to quickly launch mobile financial services.

Our latest work with ASBANC is an example of Ericsson's mobile-first technologies that are helping to create flexibility, interoperability and efficiency needed for countries, telcos and banks. These synergies are essential to fully capitalize on today's mobile money opportunities.”


BCP’s ASBANC’s Arturo Johnson offers a private bank perspective on building trust in e-money through regulation

ASBANC perspective

National Bank perspective

Government perspective

Agent perspective

End-User perspective

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Unprecedented collaboration led to the launch on February 16, 2016 of the world’s first truly interoperable mobile financial services focused on financial inclusion. The Peruvian government, along with financial institutions, telcos, and other stakeholders, cooperated and shared resources to research, design and launch Bim (short for billetera móvil or ‘mobile wallet’ in Spanish).

Bim is operated by Peruvian Digital Payments (PDP), a new service provider co-owned by the Association of Banks of Peru (ASBANC) as well as many of its member banks and electronic money issuers. For its part in this historic process, Ericsson supplied its mobile financial service solution including the development of a mobile money platform, systems integration, learning services, managed services and support.

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