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Why Ericsson for Mobile Financial Services?

Ericsson is continuously innovating to empower people, business and society. The starting point of everything we do is an understanding of how our solutions can contribute to a better world. Part of our vision of a Networked Society is a more open, easy and accessible mobile financial network that offers more choices than restrictions.

We know success in Mobile Financial Services

At Ericsson Mobile Financial Services, we’re constantly working on ways to use mobile technology to service the masses of daily financial transactions by orchestrating collaboration among banks, telecom service providers and other stakeholders, including governments, regulators and financial institutions.   

We can help in every phase of your life cycle.  For example, we have supported newcomers into the market, helped some of the largest players migrate onto our leading platform to accelerate their success, and worked with numerous governments and regulatory bodies to create the right conditions for growth.

Our continual growth and stature as a leading provider of mobile commerce solutions comes from our state of the art technology and from our deep expertise in helping to create strong, capable mobile financial businesses around the world.

Building partnerships, driving success

Partnering for success is key to our mobile financial services approach and business model. By working closely with partners, we can combine key strengths and form a joint platform to address the many new opportunities afforded by mobile commerce.

We believe the only way to make mobile money significantly simpler, cheaper and more accessible for everyone is through collaboration and interoperability.

Peter Heuman, Head of M-Commerce, Ericsson

Mobile Financial Services solutions and services to take you all the way

We are in the mobile financial services business together with each customer, and our offerings are based upon this promise.  

Our products are built on an open, secure core with state of the art APIs, which makes them highly customizable. In short, we’ve built the best mobile financial services platform on the market with the end-user experience in focus. And our approach is simple:

  • The core contains all that is common for every participant in the mobile financial services market (e.g., security, transaction engine, account setup).
  • Our modular selection of optional features can be adapted for different local requirements, whether they are regulatory or market driven.

Our experience in the field

Mobile commerce players around the world are turning to Ericsson Mobile Financial Services for the solutions and expertise that can help build an interconnected and transparent financial ecosystem.

Enabling financial inclusion in Pakistan

Easypaisa’s Mobile Money Services rise to new heights

SMART Rwanda initiative gains momentum

Rwanda moves steadily towards its vision of becoming an information-rich and knowledge-based society.

Services to support every phase

Our business services are an integral part of our offering. Since our partnership model is built on mutual success and the growth of your business, our services are designed to help you in three key areas, Growth, Compliance and Operations. In fact, our support begins when you first dip your toes into the world of mobile commerce and can extend right through to running the entire platform for you.

This is our offering

We believe in the power of inclusion

We aren't just in the mobile financial services industry because it's good for business. We're in it because it's good for society. Ericsson's Elaine Weidman-Grunewald explains how mobile financial services have contributed to rapid progress in increasing financial and social inclusion all over the world.

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We know how to meet your needs

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Find out how you can reach your next billion customers through their phones.

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Leverage your existing assets to launch profitable financial services.

Mobile commerce is here to stay


Boost financial and social inclusion while helping to build the global infrastructure for a new digital economy.