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Make financial services accessible to all by turning mobile phones into a driver for economic and digital ecosystem growth. Ericsson mobile financial services help bank the underbanked. When money is as easy to send and receive as a text message, new opportunities become limitless.

Mobile payment technology has the potential to advance financial inclusion and help people build savings while giving government, as well as the private sector, a more cost-effective, efficient, transparent and safer means of disbursing and collecting payments. We are happy to be partnering with Ericsson on this."

Claver Gatete, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Rwanda


Ericsson is powering next-generation financial services for governments, banks and operators. We help governments and regulators put mobile financial services to work, transforming lives and businesses while opening new financial ecosystem opportunities.

Our Interconnect Solutions unify the mobile payments ecosystem. We break down walls where there should be pathways to a brighter financial future. The solutions aggregate interactions between different mobile wallet services providers, as well as enterprises and merchants. All without the need to establish bilateral agreements with local businesses. We can help you deploy domestically, regionally or even internationally, aligning with government and regulatory frameworks along the way. Interoperability advances how money is collected, saved, spent, sent and received. As a result, wallet services become universal and can be widely accepted by a variety of enterprises.


Ericsson is advancing the creation of a modern financial ecosystem. We are connecting and guiding key stakeholders, from governments and regulators, to banks and operators, driving critical standards initiatives along the way.

When all ecosystem players collaborate to make money open, everyone benefits. At every turn, Ericsson is helping to drive these partnerships, providing secure, flexible mobile financial platforms that establish an interconnected and transparent financial ecosystem.

As mobility expands the possibilities for commerce, governments and regulators must be proactive in supporting financial inclusion while also preserving the integrity of existing financial systems. Our Regulatory Outreach Program builds relationships among national, regional and international regulators around the world, creating country-specific and m-commerce friendly regulatory environments that benefit everyone.

Ericsson’s Business Services provide support for sustainable growth. Our mobile financial services team has deep expertise in business planning, compliance and regulation, systems integration and managed services to help achieve mobile financial services goals with less stress and more clarity. We can also help guide launch and growth of the mobile money business best suited to specific individual market and consumer needs. Want to simplify government-to-person (G2P) payouts, such as social benefits and aid support, and make payments by citizens for fees and public services? Let us be your trusted partner.

Case study

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Ericsson and Rwandan government collaborate on financial inclusion

Ericsson and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning for Rwanda have signed a breakthrough agreement for the launch of a national interoperability switch based on the Ericsson M-Commerce Interconnect solution.

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Let mobile financial services take you to your next billion customers.

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Mobile operators

Use your existing assets to launch profitable mobile financial services.