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Create new revenue streams by bringing a wealth of financial services to the unbanked or financially underserved. When mobile financial services are fully interoperable, operators can enable a mobile money service without limits. One that transforms lives for customers and capitalizes on extensive agent networks. When money is as easy to send and receive as a text message, the innovation and bundling potential is unmatched.

Through our work with Ericsson, MTN Uganda offers MTN Mobile Money to bridge the gap between the region’s banked and unbanked populations, providing wide and crucial access to financial services. With our rollout of Ericsson Wallet Platform and Converged Wallet, we have enhanced the stability and security of our mobile financial services offering, while gaining the ability to deliver better mobile financial services offers and service bundles as part of our pre-paid services.

- Brian Gouldie, CEO, MTN Uganda


Ericsson provides the tools you need to build a scalable and sustainable mobile financial services business. Our mission is to make your entry into mobile money fast and simple, by leveraging existing assets to maximize return on investments.

Our Wallet Solutions offer the public a way to conduct financial transactions with ease, directly from a mobile device. Ericsson’s secure yet flexible software handles real-time transactions and contains accounts, transaction engine and more. We help you easily interconnect with ATMs, banks, merchants and payment service providers. So you can offer the money transfer, savings, loan and payment services your customers want. Ericsson’s mobile wallet platform puts you at the center of a growing ecosystem. Just connect a wallet that communicates with your existing systems and you’re ready to go.

Our Interconnect Solutions aggregate interactions between mobile wallet services and service providers, as well as enterprises and merchants. We eliminate complex technical integration of disparate mobile money connections on domestic and regional levels as well as internationally. As a result, mobile wallet services become universal and can be widely accepted by a variety of enterprises. All without the need to establish bilateral agreements with local businesses. Consolidating connections reduces your technical, operational, process and contract costs.


The key success factor of mobile money is partnering between operators and banks. Banks have the right infrastructures and financial service portfolios, but lack the mass-market reach and customer relationships of operators. Our mission is to advance toward a collaborative, open money ecosystem, combining operator reach, technology and customer relations with third party services. We’re leading the creation of a modern financial ecosystem by connecting key players and driving the standards that guide them.

Ericsson’s Business Services provide support for sustainable expansion and growth. Our mobile financial services team has deep expertise in business planning, compliance and regulation, systems integration and managed services to help meet mobile financial services goals with less stress and more clarity. We can also help guide launch and growth of the mobile money business best suited to specific individual market and consumer needs. Ericsson gives expert support through the financial compliance landscape, interacting with the regulatory bodies to ensure the offering developed meets all requirements from the ground up. Let Ericsson be your trusted partner.

Case study

MTN Uganda: A catalyst for growth

Since they launch in 2009, MTN Uganda’s mobile money services have experienced favorable levels of uptake, but the existing wallet platform quickly became outdated and unable to cope with the demands of a modern mobile money provider.

MTN turned to long-term partner Ericsson and its Wallet Platform and Converged Wallet, which offer the reliability, security and scalability needed to successfully manage mobile money services.

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Let mobile financial services take you to your next billion customers.

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Boost financial and social inclusion while helping to build the global infrastructure for a new digital economy.