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For over 140 years, Ericsson has developed and deployed communications services. Today, many countries around the globe rely on us to supply their network infrastructure.

Authorities can securely connect resources, enhance situational awareness, and coordinate responses with real-time, actionable intelligence enabled by our our public safety offerings.

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Achieve more with innovative solutions

Fire brigade

Comprehensive collaboration

Integrate equipment, software and multiple agencies into a reliable network for mission critical communications.

Fire brigade

Expanded possibilities

Go beyond voice communication with high-resolution images, real-time video, data from sensors, and social media analysis.

Fire brigade

Efficient operation

Gain control of total cost of ownership and help you use resources more efficiently with Ericsson’s integrated systems.

End-to-end solutions for your public safety needs

Using mission critical communications such as Tetra, P25 or LTE, Ericsson can create an end-to-end, highly secure system for your public safety needs.

End-to-end solutions to transform public safety


Public safety officials around the world partner with Ericsson to create next-generation solutions to protect national borders and critical infrastructure. With our support, you can make those systems as effective as possible via optimal data utilization.

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A global partner with local expertise in 180 countries

Our global experience combined with local expertise helps address your region’s specific needs to deploy a truly advanced public safety solution.

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Future-proof technology

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Transition smoothly to 5G for higher capacity and lower latency, that enables improved communication, such as mobile platforms sending high-resolution video.

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IoT technology can deliver significant improvement to public safety systems. From sensors that monitor border crossings to detecting gas pipe leaks in remote areas.

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With the Ericsson Cloud solution, you can start with the hardware you have and scale as needed, achieving greater efficiency and lowered costs.