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Redefining indoor mobility

Every enterprise, every building no matter the size, needs to be equipped to handle the rising demand for superior indoor cellular service. It is estimated that cellular data traffic will increase by eight times between 2016 and 2022. Is your building ready? Is your business ready?

In Building Solutions

EricssonĀ“s inbuilding solution helps people and businesses to communicate whenever and wherever.


Ericsson Radio Dot System

High performance mobile voice and data for enterprise buildings and public venues.

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Building Owners and Managers Need to Transform Their Infrastructure

A significant transformation is happening within the commercial building industry. There is increasing demand for new technologies to differentiate commercial properties. Tenants are demanding this. It is now an expectation of businesses and is increasingly becoming part of the building infrastructure, just like water, HVAC and electricity.

Building owners and managers need mobile networking solutions that are simple, low maintenance, high performance and cost effective. And, they need the flexibility to fit in well with their building design and accommodate a wide range of building sizes. Ericsson Radio Dot delivers the coverage, capacity and security to address the networking needs of even the most demanding tenants. And, Radio Dot scales and grows easily and affordably to keep pace with dynamic industries. Radio Dot can even take advantage of existing LAN cabling in the building, simplifying deployment, quickly and cost-effectively.

Building Owners

The Connected Enterprise Demands Mobility

Always-on voice and data coverage in the enterprise is no longer a luxury. Solutions that provide more effective ways to conduct business, including cloud solutions and mobility-based business applications are now a requirement, not an option. So, business users simply need better indoor mobile connectivity.

Every day more and more devices are connected to wireless networks, including mobile phones, tablets and smart business devices. The quality of the indoor network impacts user productivity and satisfaction. Radio Dot enables users to access the applications and systems they need to do their work better and more efficiently, delivering a consistent and high quality user experience.

Green is Good

Skanska and Ericsson partner to make environmentally-smart buildings smarter with Radio Dot System.

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