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Industry Transformation

The explosive growth of cities and the rapid expansion of broadband and ICT are intersecting at a time when the world faces serious challenges to achieving more sustainable development. Ericsson sees the bigger picture, the Networked Society, where connectivity and technologies such as big data, cloud technology, smart grids, and the Internet of Things can enable the sustainable cities of the future.

Transformative Services

Transform your city from the ground up. We can help develop your city’s vision, then create strategies to bring that vision to life.

  • Consulting – An end-to-end solution for smart city technology.
  • Implementation – Building scalable solutions that can grow with your city.
  • Integration – Integrating solutions for complex issues in your city.
  • Connectivity Management – Managing your city's connectivity with with our proven methods.
  • Managed Services – Manage your end to end cities operations.

Smart city solutions

Taking a horizontal approach means you can integrate all stakeholders and assets into a cohesive eco structure.

  • 5g – Real time data allows you to do more than just manage infrastructure – you can control it.
  • IoT Accelerator – Create a safer and more efficient urban life with connected assets and industry.
  • Cloud – Rely on our experience to provide the robust connectivity your city needs to evolve.

Solutions for cities area

Wind turbines


Enable more efficient utilities usage and billing.

Woman on train looking at her iPhone

Public Transport

Make travelling more safe, reliable and enjoyable.


ICT Road Infrastructure

Gain full control of connected roads and vehicles.

control center

Public Safety

Design, build and manage solutions for safer cities.

man looking at smartphone

Mobile Financial Services

Create new opportunities for entrepreneurial growth.

cars driving fast

City ICT Platform

Realize the full potential of the Internet of Things.