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SUCCESS – EU-funded consortium for network security research

SUCCESS is a research project being conducted by a consortium of European universities, utility operators and R&D companies. Funded by Horizon 2020, the EU’s initiative for sustainable economic growth, the mission of SUCCESS is to develop strategies for smarter and safer power networks, with a special focus on the vulnerability introduced by smart meters.


Ericsson is proudly serving as project coordinator, responsible for the contractual, operational and administrative management of the consortium. Driving the research behind SUCCESS is Dr. Fiona Williams, Research Director for Ericcson, based in our facilities in Aachen, Germany.

We increasingly depend on devices that are connected to networks, and on the stable power supply that keeps those networks running. With SUCCESS, we are developing innovative strategies to keep that power supply secure.

Dr. Fiona Williams, Research Director at Ericsson

Secure innovation for the utility sector

When the power network is threatened, there’s no time to waste. To provide ultra-vigilant security solutions, SUCCESS researchers are focussing on the rapid responsiveness allowed by 5G. The consortium is also exploring how to increase power grid efficiency with automated cloud-based solutions that provide (almost) real-time control of infrastructure.

The security countermeasures developed by SUCCESS require low latency, high availability, network slicing - and the breakout box functionality of 5G mobile connectivity. As a key driver of 5G innovation, Ericsson is lending insight based in our decades of experience to help the SUCCESS team build next-generation utility security strategies.

The research from SUCCESS will lead to new services and products, as well as academic publications and draft standards for securing the power network infrastructure. Ultimately, Fiona Williams and her colleagues will provide tools and strategies to help utility providers succeed in today’s rapidly changing ecosystem.