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Retrofit and go cellular today

HMS CEO, Staffan Dahlström, gives us a deeper look at combining OT with IT

Ericsson and HMS - Enabling smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0

The collaboration between HMS and Ericsson enables the vision of Smart Manufacturing by connecting the industrial world to future-proof wireless and cellular technologies, also for time-critical applications. By combining our expertise, customers will be able to easily retrofit existing machinery to modern equipment using advanced networking solutions within and between factories.

The evolution from cables to 5G

Modern factories demand flexibility – rearranging workflows to meet the needs of small orders wouldn't be possible with the wired infrastructure of past generations.

Wireless connectivity allows some mobility, but devices are still constrained by digital infrastructure and the capacity to run multiple discreet wireless networks at each unit.

5G cellular networks cut through the flexibility ceiling by creating one overall standard, and are ready to revolutionize your manufacturing output today.

5G starterkits and testing solutions

Image: Courtesy of HMS

5G Starterkit with IO-Link sensors provides an easy-to-use sample application for initial tests of the wireless 5G network and can also be used as a foundation for a future application. It has been developed, tested and verified in collaboration with Ericsson, including interoperability-test with the Ericsson Industry Connect 5G solution in standalone (SA) operation using band 78.

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Smart robot and AGV over private LTE

HMS connects the hardware to the industrial private LTE network provided by Ericsson, transferring current protocols over 4G.

The Ericsson and HMS collaboration is empowering the seamless retrofitting of cellular connectivity to current factory units, so companies can trial new processes locally, at low cost.

HMS Networks is the global independent leader in solutions for industrial communication and IIoT. A frontrunner in connecting devices, machines and systems to industrial networks for over 30 years, HMS sees wireless connectivity solutions as key to enable the visions of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

Ericsson is a global leader in cellular communication (4G/LTE/5G) offering dedicated cellular communication solutions for industries. The private LTE network provide wireless communication to factories, process plants or other industry applications that require reliable and robust high capacity wireless networks.

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