New ABI research report: Smart Manufacturing and how to get started – The Implementation and ROI of Industry 4.0 use cases

5 manufacturing use cases to get started

Download the new ABI Research report: Smart Manufacturing and How to Get Started – The Implementation and ROI of Industry 4.0 use cases

Deploying dedicated cellular-enabled Industry 4.0 solutions can enable new technological solutions and generate an operational cost savings return on investment (ROI) of 10 to 20x over 5 years.

Manufacturing executives need to understand why and how they need to develop the right connectivity strategies to unlock this value.

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The report covers:

  1. The benefits and return on investment for five specific manufacturing Industry 4.0 use cases including asset tracking, condition-based monitoring, provisioning connected products, mobile robots and augmented reality
  2. How industrial customers are implementing these use cases
  3. Recommendations on how to get started with each use case