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Ericsson Connected Vehicle Marketplace

Ericsson Marketplace enables automakers and OEMs to reduce the complexities of building an ecosystem around their vehicles. It allows providers to define, orchestrate and grow an ecosystem of digital services based on the valuable data generated by connected vehicles.

Marketplace gives OEMs the ability to differentiate via ease of service integration by enabling non-automotive service providers to become part of the OEM ecosystem.

This creates new ways to enhance the monetization for the lifecycle of the vehicle and to innovate and build new services for the mutual benefit of OEMs, partners and customers.


With Apptown, OEMs can grant strictly controlled access to vehicles for third-party developers through APIs. This lets others build new apps and services that benefit the vehicle users, allowing for a rapid expansion of services available.

Services and apps are sold through an OEM-controlled digital store that manages content, payments and revenue sharing.

Through this, providers can differentiate their offerings from others as well as give customers features and functionality that will excite them.

By harnessing the creativity of third-party developers hungry for new opportunities, drivers will gain the most advanced in-car experience and OEMs will be able to generate a much wider range of smaller revenue streams, which adds up quickly.

Customer case: Scania ONE

Scania ONE is a single digital gateway to a host of connected services for fleet owners and drivers. With one-quarter million connected Scania vehicles, Scania One provides coherent and simple access to efficiency-enhancing services. 

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Automotive partner: MobilityXlab

MobilityXlab offers young companies with pioneering ideas the opportunity to accelerate through the possibility to strategic partnership with six global players within mobility and connectivity.

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