Connected Vehicle Cloud - Universal Connectivity

Universal Connectivity for Automotive

In order for enterprises to bring mobile Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to life, they will need to overcome several challenges. As one example, connected vehicles need seamless connectivity and smooth integration with relevant ecosystems. Ericsson’s Universal Connectivity for Automotive (UCA) service offering solves the complexity of global connectivity in the age of the connected vehicle.

What does Ericsson Universal Connectivity for Automotive do?

Ericsson Universal Connectivity for Automotive helps vehicle manufacturers embrace connected vehicle services from development through to end-of-life. Built on the foundation of Ericsson’s IoT connectivity management platform, IoT Accelerator, UCA provides a seamless, unified experience for automotive manufacturers to manage global and domestic connectivity with greater flexibility. The service also provides the capability to deliver improved time-to-market and cost efficiency.

Ericsson UCA offers two key components: connectivity management orchestration and a global service operations center.

How will Ericsson Universal Connectivity for Automotive improve my capabilities?

The UCA solution’s components ensure vehicle manufacturers can easily orchestrate and manage vehicles around the world.

Connectivity management orchestration

  • A uniform set of APIs acts as an intermediary layer between multiple mobile network service providers to fulfill the manufacturer’s global connectivity needs
  • Ericsson integrates underlying platforms from different vendors, creating a seamless experience

Global service operations center

  • Avoid allocating valuable internal resources for global connectivity monitoring and management
  • 24/7/365 support for operational monitoring and performance management
  • Interface with all underlying mobile network operators and embedded universal integrated circuit card (eUICC) platforms

Ericsson Universal Connectivity for Automotive use cases

New connected car services, capabilities and updates are at the forefront of manufacturers’ priorities. Managing the complexity of global connectivity doesn’t have to be. Our UCA offering allows manufacturers to leave the burden of non-standard technologies and integrations behind. Vehicle manufacturers gain:

  • Reliable global coverage
  • Reduced global connectivity procurement lead times
  • Predictable connectivity costs with transparent analysis of connectivity behavior
  • End-to-end vehicle connectivity management
  • Improved time-to-market for new service rollouts
  • Proactive network management to spot and correct potential issues
  • Optimized operator partnerships for operational excellence and the most “local” service

Ways Ericsson can help with seamless vehicle connectivity.