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The future of automotive: Connectivity and automation

As millions more cars hit the streets and demands on transportation steadily increase around the world, along with the pressure to reduce CO2 and increase industry standardization, it’s clear that connected, electrified, automated vehicles are the key to a more sustainable transport ecosystem.


But while innovation in connected vehicles and driverless technology is happening very quickly – the real benefits of connected automated transportation can only be unlocked with the right network and infrastructure support.

Enter the Connected Traffic Tower concept. In conjunction with our next generation network technology and the Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud, the Connected Traffic Tower concept provides a holistic approach to oversight and orchestration of automated or remotely operated vehicle fleets with high connectivity requirements.

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Transforming transportation

The Connected Traffic Tower provides a suite of remote management and orchestration capabilities, maximizing the benefits and efficiency gains possible with the new generation of connectivity and automation technology. These capabilities include:

Network management

  •  Network performance data
  •  Connectivity management

Management of fleets and connected services

  • Connected fleet management
  • Vehicle and asset management
  • Rules and alert management (geo-fencing)

  • Remote drive capabilities
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Orchestration of other connected services

The next-generation network

The services included in the Connected Traffic Tower concept come hand in hand with the very latest innovations in network technology and infrastructure, advancing networks and preparing them for the demands of automated transportation management.


ultra-low latency and high-bandwidth connectivity for more intense data load

Network slicing

intelligent resource allocation for specific application needs

Beyond edge computing

reduced data volume with distributed cloud local server architecture

Connectivity management

cloud-based IoT connectivity management, to control connected devices and networked assets


Part commercial enterprise, part revolutionary movement, Einride is committed to a complete transformation of the transportation industry. The innovative start-up is making the movement of goods more intelligent: emission-free, safe, cost-effective, and ultimately, sustainable.


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