Connecting IoT assets

Ericsson and PTC partner to help industrial enterprises accelerate digital transformation

Ericsson and PTC make IoT and industrial connectivity simple

Ericsson unlocks the full value of global cellular IoT connectivity as well as providing on-premise connectivity solutions for industries. PTC is a global software vendor, providing an industrial IoT platform, ready to configure and deploy, with capabilities to connect and build IoT solutions without manual coding and with flexible connectivity options to deliver high business impact. By combining Ericsson’s leadership in cellular technology with PTC’s industrial expertise, enterprises can speed up cellular IoT deployment and realize the value of Industry 4.0. And lay the foundation for 5G to realize the benefits of network slicing, edge computing and high reliability, low latency communications in the future.

Connecting IoT assets inside the factory

 IoT assets inside the smart factory

Industrial digitalization has created a great demand for dedicated cellular private networks. Ericsson’s leading cellular technology combined with PTC´s industrial IoT and Augmented Reality platforms enable enterprises to digitalize processes and products and combine the physical and digital world seamlessly. Together Ericsson and PTC can transform the way factories are operating today by breaking down silos of information across disconnected systems.

Who will benefit

  • Enterprises seeking to increase operational efficiencies by improving workforce productivity, performance management or asset optimization.

  • Enterprises that require future-proof wireless connectivity for applications involving asset tracking, predictive maintenance, digital twins, human-robot workflow integration and more. 

Key benefits

  • Better business insights from an improved flow of information from fully connected systems

  • Increased speed of production and faster time to value

  • Effective cost savings due to reduced fixed infrastructure and improved operational efficiencies 

  • Agility and ability to adapt to new processes and equipment. 

Connecting IoT assets outside the factory

Iot connected containers

Ericsson brings IoT Accelerator, a robust platform built to connect and manage billions of devices and millions of applications easily, seamlessly and globally. PTC’s IoT solutions, enable enterprises to digitalize processes and products and combine the physical and digital world seamlessly. Together Ericsson and PTC can transform the way enterprises scale connected products and services globally by using cellular technology.

Who will benefit

  • Enterprises needing to create connected assets and improve ability to scale by service optimization, product & services innovation and remote monitoring.

  • Enterprises requiring global managed connectivity for distributed assets involving multiple geographies.

Key benefits

  • Possibility to build and scale global cellular IoT efforts faster

  • Improved cost savings by tracking and controlling assets remotely

  • Reduced integration cost utilizing the pre integrated ThingWorx and IoT Accelerator Extension

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PTC - Ericsson IoT Accelerator Extension

Connector for ThingWorx integration to make it easy for enterprises to use Ericsson IoT Accelerator connectivity management functionalities along with ThingWorx functionalities.


Ericsson and PTC partner to accelerate digital transformation. Listen to insights on how AR, AI and automation could transform operational efficiency and output.

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