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Connected Fleet

Connected vehicles and infrastructure create a lot of of valuable data. Not only can that aggregated data be used to reduce congestion and increase safety on our roads, it can be harvested to create entirely new business models.

The data generated by connected vehicles and infrastructure are the foundation of the new connected transport ecosystem. As connected vehicles increasingly become rolling software platforms, new business models built around these vehicles have an impact on economies, the environment, and society as a whole. 

Ericsson Connected Fleet


Ericsson Connected Fleet provides the ability to manage vehicle assets across countries from a single end-user interface. Learn how Ericsson uses our solution to manage close to 13,000 vehicles around the globe.

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Data is redefining business models

OEMs and transit authorities are becoming service providers, while established service providers, from insurance companies to airport operators, are transforming their offerings to better serve consumers. During this transformation, there is a need for structure to enable all players better utilize the cloud and IoT and capture the value of their data.

Unlocking the value from the data generated in connected vehicles, and the broader connected transport ecosystem, creates opportunities for young innovators as well as well established companies. Our platforms and services help companies stay agile as they shift or widen their offerings. 

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Automotive manufacturers

OEMs can use telematics data generated from connected vehicles to gain better control of costs, and improve control over warranties. Manufacturers can also extend revenue with software defined cars, which allow owners to continually customize their vehicles with over the air (OTA) updates of everything from infotainment services to powertrain capabilities. 

Fleet owners and operators

For fleet operators, data generated from connected vehicles leads to optimized operations.  Maintenance can be performed as-needed, reducing the cost of routine checks and downtime. Telematics make it easier to track driver behavior and to encourage habits that are safer and result in less wear on vehicles. When vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication is introduced, vehicles can work together in unison, improving efficiency throughout the entire transport ecosystem.

Cities and governments

When cities can solve their biggest traffic issues, they become a more attractive place to live and do business. With a unified traffic management solution, travelers gain more control over their journey, with access to roadways, public transport, logistics networks, and public safety services that all function more efficiently and more ecologically.

Bolting connectivity on to autonomous vehicles

High performance connectivity and network security are crucial to the safe and efficient operation of autonomous vehicles. When connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs) are able to leverage the computing power of nearby infrastructure, workloads will be shifted, balancing what work gets done in the car, and what gets done in the cloud. The more data that can be freed-up from individual vehicles, the smarter the in-vehicle AI will become, and the safer our roads will become.

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