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Digital Car Key

The Ericsson Digital Car Key allows car owners to securely share their vehicles using a smartphone app. More than just unlocking car doors, this digital key opens up new models of car ownership, and new ways to think about mobility.

Advancements in digital sensors and faster mobile connectivity are allowing vehicles to become part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Just as the mobile phone has evolved over time, thinking of cars as connected devices is drastically changing the ways we use vehicles.

See our Digital Car Key in action

LYNK & CO are transforming the experience of owning and sharing cars with Ericsson’s Digital Car Key.

Standing out on the automotive marketplace

Forward thinking auto manufacturers know automotive IoT is the path to new, revenue- generating services, as well as entirely new business models. To make that digital transformation, automakers requires a partner who can provide mobile connectivity expertise.

To help our partners differentiate their brand from the competition, we created the Connected Vehicle Marketplace. This is our standardized platform for the development and deployment of new digital services to the connected vehicle.

Ericsson Digital Key

Car sharing via the Ericsson Digital Car KEy

While many of the imagined uses for automotive IoT are still in development, our Digital Car Key will soon be in use on the consumer market. The digital key is just one example of the groundbreaking services and features automakers can integrate into their vehicles with the Ericsson connected vehicle services.

We help our partners streamline the process of deploying new connected vehicle features and services. With all of the network and performance adjustment done on Ericsson’s end, our partners can go to market faster with lower startup costs.

Offering Mobility as a Service

Car booking with the Digital Car Key

With our digital key and car sharing platform, car owners can easily allow friends, family, colleagues, neighbors or any category of users in your network a secure, time-limited access to their vehicles. This makes it possible to offer Mobility as a Service (MaaS), a model where people can easily access (and pay for) a vehicle only when they want to.

By offering a pay-as-you-go MaaS model, fleet owners and automakers can reach consumers who might be unable or unwilling to purchase a car of their own. Thus, something as simple as unlocking a car door actually opens the door to profitable long term consumer relationships.

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