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Connectivity is the foundation of IoT

IoT supports digital transformation and development of new business models and offerings. By building on existing cellular networks, billions of IoT devices can be connected, helping you stay relevant to your customers and grow new revenues while helping your customers gain a competitive advantage.

IoT is being widely embraced with the number of connected devices growing rapidly but the market landscape remains fragmented. For new business models, connectivity must be flexible and agile, in order to meet the network performance required for a wide variety of evolving IoT use cases, applications, and device types. 

Support is also needed to effectively manage, scale and customize the connectivity for the massive numbers of devices and use cases. By building on the existing cellular network infrastructure, you can generate diverse IoT business opportunities beyond mobile broadband and bring them to the market quickly.

Cellular technologies

Cellular technologies have been designed for reliability, security and scalability. With their unique combination of rich functionality and performance, they provide a strong foundation for IoT.

Through software upgrades, existing cellular networks provide a base for unmatched IoT coverage and fast time-to-market. They can also support connectivity needs of smart products and services that are made available globally. 

Massive IoT

Massive IoT is about high numbers of low cost devices.

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Critical IoT

Critical IoT is focused on high reliability and availability.

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Early IoT adopters

IoT applications are emerging in diverse verticals. Connected cars are already being offered by many automotive players, while other smart solutions and services are being developed, such as connected factories and smart agriculture.

As early IoT adopters, some telecom operators are, together with other IoT ecosystem partners, already offering smart services beyond mobile broadband connectivity. 

Smart Society - Dialog Axiata

Launch of South Asia’s first Massive IoT commercial network.

Connected factory – China Mobile Jiangsu

Enabling increased efficiency of daily operations and lower cost.

Smart agriculture - Telstra

Demonstrating IoT on Cat-M1, deployed nationwide in Australia.

Cellular IoT Solutions

We bring major enhancements to low-cost and simplified devices with extended coverage and long battery life.

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