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Breaking down the barriers between billions of IoT devices and millions of applications

The Internet of Things is already here, all around us. Hundreds of millions of devices have been connected, creating endless opportunities for businesses to transform, and for telecom operators to support that transformation.

But it is still early days, capturing the full potential of IoT will require simplicity, scalability, and security. To help operators and their end-customers meet those criteria for success, we offer off-the-shelf IoT solutions powered by our IoT Accelerator platform.

With this cloud-based platform, backed up with professional services and our years of M2M connectivity experience, service providers and enterprises across all industries can now expand into new IoT use cases in a fast, secure and cost-efficient manner.

Trillions of reasons to accelerate your IoT offering


Million new IoT devices connected daily


Million IoT applications


Billion devices connected by 2021

Off the shelf solutions

Simple, scalable, and secure IoT solutions for a world of possibilities

Connected Urban Transport

Unify travelers, transport, agencies and processes with this out-of-the-box ICT solution

Connected Vehicles

Find your place in the connected vehicle ecosystem as mobility experiences evolve

Ericsson Smart Building

Simplify smart building IoT rollout and management for happier owners, managers and tenants

Smart Wireless Manufacturing

Step into Industry 4.0 with a fast, stable, secure and simple Industrial IoT solution

Connected Environmental Monitoring

Make your city a more attractive place to live and work by turning data into action

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