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Connected Environmental Monitoring

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 12.6 million deaths In 2012 were attributed to unhealthy environmental conditions, that's nearly 25% of total deaths globally that year. With help from IoT technology, we can turn that trend around.

Environmental pollution poses serious challenges for cities around the world

Reduced productivity

Poor health of citizens and reduced productivity caused a $225B USD in lost labor cost in 2013

Premature deaths

Causes lower life expectancy and premature deaths, with 3M related deaths in 2012

Negatively impacts

Negatively impacts tourism and investments

Our Connected Environmental Monitoring solution is built on the premise that IoT can solve real world problems. Driven by our IoT Accelerator, this offering provides cities with a holistic solution to monitor air and water quality and noise pollution. With data-driven insight, cities can make better decisions, reduce costs and develop proactive pollution control strategies.

A smart solution for smart cities

Solving problems becomes easier when you have a metric by which to measure success. Once you define the metrics, you need tools and methodologies to collect data.

Next, you need ways to translate that data, make it easy to understand, and use it as base for action. When you track your actions, you can identify areas where you need to improve. With data to back you up, you can also demonstrate the value of your actions and investments.

Connected Environmental Monitoring gives you the tools to do all that. This is off-the-shelf solution has undergone successful pilot programs in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden, Montreal and Ottawa, Canada, Tilburg, Netherlands and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Adopting Connected Environmental Monitoring will your city the list of smarter, cleaner and more desirable cities.

Key functionality

Connected Environmental Monitoring provides real time data for real time action.

Device identification and verification

Onboard monitoring devices with IoT Accelerator. 


Alive status overview, with the ability to compare locations and parameters.

Push notifications

When thresholds are reached, alerts enable fast response.

Mobile app

Data on environmental conditions creates transparency and empowers citizens.

Key benefits

Management as a service

Helps to reduce the one-time capital investment

Scalable and secure

Data protection, privacy and integrity are ensured as you scale

Technology proof

Supports the use of latest LwM2M protocols to make it future proof

Real time environmental monitoring requires 5G

Monitoring the environment in real time and taking immediate action to contain risks, is both appealing and useful to city planners and local governments. Environmental monitoring is also one of the massive IoT use cases where 5G will play a very significant role.

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