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Connected Urban Transport automates the entire transport ecosystem

Every minute of the day, a huge volume of traffic and transport related data is generated by road equipment, vehicles, and travelers.

Cities represent an ecosystem of residents, traffic, road infrastructure, vehicles, bikes, fleet owners, public transport, logistics providers, neighboring municipalities, just to name a few. This ecosystem is complex, in the sense that there is a lot of fragmentation, both in terms of technology (mix of legacy and modern systems) and market (many niche players that have no relation to each other).

The Connected Urban Transport solution is designed to overcome this fragmentation, by monitoring and optimizing the available assets in cities. With a central dashboard overview of all connected assets that unites insights with actions, cities can solve their biggest traffic issues.

New value is also created for the larger ecosystem, when companies use data for improved planning or building new services. By exchanging real-time data with each other, entirely new business models can be created.

The Connected Urban Transport solution helps Cities

  • To optimize their operation using their current infrastructure

  • To benefit from their wider ecosystems

In a second wave, that Telecom developments around 5G and IOT will realize even more use cases in the Automotive and Transport domains. Think of sensors that can be rolled-out using NB-IOT networking.

The main features include

Connected Urban Transport


Unify status monitoring of all systems across all agencies

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Monitor and track goals and supplier performance


Unite response and reduce workloads across agencies


Controlled data sharing empowers the entire ecosystem

Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator platform enables out-of-the-box ICT functions such as identity management, data and device management, rule definition, application linking, billing and more. These functions are common across many industries and organizations. When improvements are added in response to one industry’s needs, all other industries benefit.

Connected Urban Transport key benefits

Combine and control
Collect real-time data from vehicles, roadside infrastructure and travelers. Allow data sharing to proactively deliver timely and accurate information to the right recipients.

Predict and suggest
This out-of-the-box software enables monitoring, managing and sharing of real time traffic data and road condition data, between people, varioius modes of transportation and authorities.

Turn your insignts into actions
When traffic and road information is allowed to interact, it is possible to proactively deliver the right information to the right stakeholders. This will give us a more efficient and sunstainable urban environment with a new range of digital services. With real time insight, traffic flows can untimately become automated.

Learn the details around Ericsson Connected Urban Transport

Connected Urban Transport cases

The City of Dallas

By choosing Ericsson to install and manage an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) based on Ericsson’s Connected Urban Transport solution, the cities of Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving and Richardson are breaking down the barriers that have been holding back progress.

Building a smart traffic ecosystem

Traveling across the Netherlands in all forms of transport is becoming easier and more enjoyable. At he same time, the government is saving on infrastructure and enabling private sector innovation. Learn how we make traveling across the Netherlands easier and more profitable - the Talking Traffic project.

Drive Sweden - A new approach to mobility

Ericsson is one of the key partners of Drive Sweden - a Strategic Innovation Program launched by the Swedish government that gathers the best in the area – from all sectors of society.

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