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Ericsson Smart Building solution

Today, there is a growing demand for IoT solutions that create smart buildings. However, the mass deployment of smart building IoT devices is hampered by two major issues - complex and costly installation, and the lack of integration between different smart solutions.

You can solve these challenges with Ericsson’s Smart Building Solutions. Our trifecta solution: onboarding devices is simplified with Ericsson IoT Accelerator, using readily-available cellular networks lowers connectivity costs, and our horizontal platform unifies device and data management.

Building owners gain better oversight

Control costs with comprehensive data on building traffic energy usage, procurement and supplier contracts

Building managers get efficient processes

Turn your planned maintenance routines and manual record keeping into on-demand, trackable processes

Tenants can make the most of their space

Make each workday more profitable by eliminating unused space with unified wayfinding and planning

Smart building

Simplified deployment

Ericsson Smart Building Solutions reduce the cost and time it takes to make buildings smarter. Deploying sensor infrastructure no longer requires complex installation and configuration. Today, massive amounts of NB-IoT/Cat-M1 devices can be easily onboarded with our IoT Accelerator.

Unified management

We help you simplify smart building management with a unified graphical user interface (GUI) and a common platform for functions like data access management. Additionally, we are developing pre-integrated, automated solutions for common data sources in buildings.

Ericsson Smart Office

Office space is major business expense, but research shows that an up to 48% of space is unused in the average office. With solutions to better utilize meeting rooms, desks and other work spaces, the Ericsson Smart Building Office Module allows employees to be more effective in their day-to-day work. 

Meeting room finder

Make sharing ideas easier with a smarter solution to book meetings

Work space reservation

Find the right space at the right time to get your work done

People Finder

Stop searching the corridors with help from a real time personnel locator

Benefits from partnering with Ericsson

Revenue from smart building IoT is projected to reach $190 billion US of by 2025. Grab your share with help from our solution, which serves smart offices, parking garages, construction sites and more.

Short time-to-market

Rollout efficiently with easy-to-implement and easy-to-use solutions

Make LTE relevant

Cellular IoT expands the market for operators’ mobile 4G offerings  

Upsell sticky services

Engage the existing customer base with service add-ons

Scalable and secure

Data protection, privacy and integrity are ensured as your business scales

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