IoT data monetization

Eight dimensions to help you realize your IoT monetization vision

IoT data monetization webinar

Real-world data and IoT case studies

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Learn the top IoT challenges and established frameworks from the world’s leading communications service providers.

With the sheer volume of data generated by the Internet of Things, communications service providers (CSPs) are in an excellent position to become high-value data players in the fast-growing information supply chain. But how will you start to make this data work for you?

Do you have a strategy for turning your IoT and 5G data into revenue?

The ability to provide connectivity and leverage multiple data sets gives CSPs the unique competitive edge to break in to the growing 5G and IoT services, but it’s not a foregone conclusion they will win. Ericsson shares new findings from the latest research report, “Realizing IoT strategies,” which is the culmination of strategic customer engagements with leading CSPs from around the world.

Join Jan Abrahamsson, Vice President of Strategic Customer Engagements and Warren Chaisatien, Director of IoT Customer Engagement Marketing for this webinar to learn Ericsson’s eight-dimension strategic 5G and IoT framework, which ensures a holistic approach to execution and outlines ways to monetize data.

Realize your IoT monetization vision

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Key findings that will be discussed:

  • Use the multi-dimensional framework to reveal the distinct gaps between current and targeted positions that CSPs must bridge in order to successfully realize their strategic intents.
  • Understand the four data monetization plays identified for CSPs: leveraging primary data, aggregating data in a data lake, brokering data via a data marketplace, and building additional applications.
  • Learn from three in-depth case studies that illustrate how leading CSPs turn their 5G and IoT visions in to revenue-generating realities.
  • The transport and logistics sector is set to greatly benefit from 5G and IoT progress. Discover five key areas where CSPs are monetizing data in this industry: location-based marketing, city and infrastructure planning, smart traffic, field service, and public safety.

Ericsson webinar speakers

Jan Abrahamsson

Jan Abrahamsson
Head of Strategic Customer Engagement

Jan is an international digitalization strategist with 20 years of experience in developing and implementing strategies across industries. He is leading the strategic customer engagements within the Ericsson Group.

Warren Chaisatien
Global Director of IoT Customer Engagement Marketing

Warren leads Ericsson’s C-level engagements with telecom service providers on IoT business and technology strategies, focusing on their roles and opportunities in the IoT value chain.

Warren Chaisatien