Industry 4.0 ROI report - How do dedicated networks contribute to Industry 4.0 ROI?

How to get started with Smart Manufacturing?

We’re glad you’re interested in the new report from ABI Research, Smart Manufacturing and How to Get Started – The Implementation and ROI of Industry 4.0 use cases.

In the context of Industry 4.0, connectivity and seamless access to operational data are vital, because they effectively enable adoption of applications. Cellular connectivity is becoming a critical component in Industry 4.0. It can provide high-speed, reliable, and consistent wireless communication on the factory floor and enable a variety of new use cases, while helping to modernize operations and processes.

According to a new report from ABI Research, deploying dedicated cellular-enabled Industry 4.0 solutions can enable new technological solutions and generate an operational cost savings return on investment (ROI) of 10 to 20x over 5 years.

Manufacturing executives need to understand why and how they need to develop the right connectivity strategies to unlock this value.

The report from ABI Research discusses:

  1. The benefits and return on investment for five specific manufacturing Industry 4.0 use cases including asset tracking, condition-based monitoring, provisioning connected products, mobile robots and augmented reality
  2. How industrial customers are implementing these use cases
  3. Recommendations on how to get started with each use case

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Smart Manufacturing and How to Get Started – The Implementation and ROI of Industry 4.0 use cases