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Our services allow automakers and fleet owners to develop, deploy, secure and manage connected vehicle services worldwide. We now offer you take part of our automated transport events here.

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Would you take a driverless bus?

Starting in January 2018, two self-driving shuttle buses will share the road with pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles in Stockholm. As they travel at speeds up to 24 km per hour, these little shuttles set a bold example for multimodal urban transport, which many predict as the model for the near-future of smart cities.

Find all details in the press release.

The Premiere of Self-Driving Buses in Gothenburg

The first self-driving bus is now rolling in Gothenburg, at the Chalmers University of Technology campus in Johanneberg. The project which is led by RISE is a part of the Government’s innovation partnership program, “The next generation’s travel and transport,” and is funded in part by Vinnova through Drive Sweden.

Swedish cloud platforms paving the way for emergency vehicles

A recently started Swedish research project, AD Aware Traffic Control - Emergency Vehicles, conducted by Volvo Cars, Carmenta, Ericsson, SOS Alarm and RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden is developing a cloud-based traffic control platform that builds on the Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud, and enables smooth and seamless information exchange between coordinators of emergency vehicles and automated vehicles.

Upcoming events

Demo - AD Aware Traffic Control

The project’s purpose is to improve the AD Advice to AD Vehicles by utilizing information about Fire Brigade and Ambulance Emergency Vehicles’ MPP. It is an extension of the AD Aware Traffic Control platform’s functionality covering more situations.

Recent events

Drive Sweden Test Site Stockholm Demo Day 2018

Drive Sweden Test Site Stockholm and Trafikverket welcome you to Test Site Stockholm demonstration day – an arena to discuss and experience sustainable automated mobility.

Veoneer and Ericsson Showcase Geofencing Technology in Stockholm

Swedish company Veoneer, the electronics company that was spun off from Autoliv, and Ericsson, the renowned networking and telecommunications company collaborated to showcase their geofencing technology in an urban environment in Stockholm, Sweden.

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