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The new automotive landscape

Thriving beyond peak hardware

Opportunities abound in new automotive ecosystems

Disruption is happening in the automotive industry, and a transformation of business models is imminent. 85% of automotive executives at least partly agree that digital services will soon generate higher revenues than the hardware of the car. As we approach the peak of the importance of hardware revenues, we believe OEMs can take a central role in these new ecosystems. New streams of revenue, from delivering better than ever before driving experiences to the consumer, can be under the control of the OEM instead of other players. There are exciting directions to take and we are eager to go on the journey to new automotive landscapes together with automakers.

Which automotive ecosystem might be right for you?


Here, OEMs can accelerate the growth of their offering with rapid expansion of new apps and services for their vehicle users.


Here, OEMs can lower the access barriers to their cars and create new profitable models for flexible car ownership.

Secure your role in the new landscape

Ericsson’s solutions enable OEMs to be in control of the new automotive ecosystems

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