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Welcome to Apptown

A digital ecosystem for offering growth

This is the place to come to accelerate the growth of your service offering. In Apptown, OEMs can open up strictly controlled access to vehicles for third party developers through APIs. This lets others build new apps and services that benefit the vehicle users, allowing for a rapid expansion of services available. Services and apps are sold through an OEM-controlled digital store that manages content, payments and revenue sharing.

An abundance of use cases in Apptown

Thrill your consumer and differentiate your offering from others in the automotive industry

Context-centric approach

Context-centric approach

Drive revenue through enhancing the drivers’ enjoyment of their context, making traveling more exciting, wherever they go.

  • Food & fuel services, including bundled offers

  • Infotainment focused on managing vehicles in new territory, ie an app for off-roading

  • 3rd party maps & traffic information, ie Waze

  • Driver positioning services; ie log books, ecoscore, share my location

Driver based video

Driving-centric approach

Use apps and vehicle data to improve critical aspects related to the driving experience, such as driver safety.

  • Driver-based insurance

  • Updated real time on speed limit changes and safety hazards

  • School alerts; ie warnings in student crossings

  • Voice control for social media

  • Municipal safety services; ie crime alerts and vehicle adaptions for extra situational awareness

car charging video

Service-centric approach

Increase convenience for car owners and capture revenue from service deliveries that are typically beyond your reach today.

  • Electric car charging; bookings & payments

  • In-car delivery; ie groceries or packages

  • Maintenance services; garages, automatic bookings, condition-based maintenance

  • Electric car battery monitoring & data sharing

  • In-car cleaning

Why Apptown for OEMs?

  • Ensure a state-of-the-art in-car experience for drivers and passengers

  • Harness the creativity of third party developers who are eager to devote efforts to new ecosystems

  • Harvest a wide range of smaller revenues

  • Reduce risks and costs by spreading your best wide, so that not just one service or app is expected to profit

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