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Welcome to Shareville

A digital ecosystem for flexible car ownership

In Shareville, OEMs can lower the access barriers to their cars, monetize existing car sharing, and improve their prospects in the car rental market. It’s also the perfect place for exploring the new emerging landscape of flexible car ownership, like Car-as-a-Service business models.

So many ways to delight drivers in Shareville

Meet growing expectations and trends with new services, while differentiating from others


Individual car sharing

Make existing car sharing within families easier and more convenient, while building new subscription based revenue streams.

  • Remote owner approval of drivers, can also revoke permissions

  • Personalized settings stored & automatically configured per driver

  • Additional drivers app: download and use to access car

  • Driver-based insurance

  • 3rd party cleaning and fueling services

  • Fuel consumption monitoring


On-the-go car rental

Sharpen your offering against car rental companies and create unique offers to better compete with ride sharing players.

  • Easy access pick up & return at transport hubs, shopping centers, parking lots

  • Discounts, upgrades and insurance offered to users through app or in-vehicle dashboard

  • Management software, ie vehicle tracking & predictive maintenance for upkeep and growth of service revenue

  • Share a ride for economy priced access

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Subscription service

Lower entry barriers and reach new markets by becoming a full fledged Car-as-a-Service provider.

  • Tiered subscriptions, from premium to economy

  • Add-on premiums for flexibility in vehicle type and access

  • Price tiered for short duration, regular access, peak access

  • Add-on for concierge service that delivers and retrieves cars

Why Shareville for OEMs?

flexible car ownership
  • Benefit by taking advantage of emerging car trends

  • Lower purchase barriers and exploit quality advantages

  • Tap into new emerging as-a-service models

  • Future proof your car against changing regulations

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Secure your role in the new landscape

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