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IoT presents new business opportunities for telecom operators in the emerging IoT ecosystems where players share information and collaborate across industries.

However, to successfully navigate and capture these opportunities in the ecosystem, including approaching new customer segments, it requires an IoT business strategy and development of new business models.

The IoT ecosystem players can take different roles in the IoT value chain. Operators can focus on offering IoT connectivity services to a variety of customers. Telecom operators can also acquire new capabilities and skills to grow along the IoT value chain.

Report | Developing viable IoT business models

Organizations are bustling to stake their claims in the new IoT frontier – use the information from our report to chart your IoT success.

Learn from the most successful operators of the world

What makes a mobile operator successful? We found that Frontrunners have common traits and different strategies in ways they approach the market. These traits and strategies form the core of the Growth Codes.

Create your 5G business today

5G business models will be diverse and granular to fit very diverse needs and to enable value extraction from both extreme low cost and high performance use cases. Understanding of a new set of customers and value chains is imperative.