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Are you curious about cellular technology? Wondering what you need to know to digitize your business and stay ahead of the competition?

We’re bringing you the inside scoop with our new video series, Cellular Curious. Each episode features an expert who shares insights on cellular technology, new industry use cases and successful adoption strategies. Sign up to stay up to date as new episodes are released. 


What are the benefits of connecting robots to the cloud?

Ida Elisabeth Sørlie shares how cellular technology is enabling the future of robots.

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Jan Diekmann, Technical Account Manager, Ericsson

What is the impact of 5G on predictive maintenance?

Jan Diekmann discusses how predictive maintenance significantly improves operations.

Patrick Ruelke, Business Development for Industry 4.0

What can AGVs do when connected to a 5G network?

Patrick Ruelke outlines the evolution of automated guided vehicles.

Uwe Horn, Head of Technical and Solutions Sales Support at Ericsson

What is a 5G campus network?

Uwe Horn shares the different deployment types you need to know for dedicated compass networks.

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