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Connected Cars

Connected cars are an evolving platform with which to sell any number of products and services. Drivers want entertainment and traffic updates, as well as new ways to use and share cars. Shipping, logistics and public transport operators want solutions to run their fleets more efficiently, safely and profitably.

To meet those demands, OEMs need a truly diverse connected car ecosystem. At the same time developers need an open, yet secure platform to share their offerings. Our connected vehicle solutions make it easier to create value in (and around) connected cars

Creating mobility experiences

OEMs can no longer deliver just a car. Connected cars are part of something much bigger. From maintenance and safety alerts to third-party services such as parking and car sharing, the possibilities of connected consumer vehicles are wide and complex.

We help our partners in the automotive industry to capture the potential of connected cars by drawing on our competencies within IoT, cloud services, software, and mobile network hardware. Our video on the Connected Car Experience provides an overview of how we help bring everything together.

Connecting commercial vehicles near and far

Fleet operators can now keep track of where each connected vehicle in their fleet is located, how it is performing and how drivers are behaving. This makes it easier to optimize resources over wide geographical areas, thus improving services and profitability.

Connected vehicles that work together in close proximity are also becoming more efficient. Near real-time V2V data-sharing allows trucks to drive in close formation, thereby reducing air drag and fuel consumption. An example can be seen in trials of Scania trucks communicating vehicle to vehicle over an Ericsson 5G network.

connected car solutions

Download a new car

Part of what makes the connected car so exciting is that it can change over time. It is now possible to evolve offerings around Software Defined Cars (SDCs) to meet demands from the market as a whole, as well as the needs of individual owners.

Today, over the air (OTA) software updates make it possible to continuously improve in-car software and services. Soon, it will also be possible to redefine physical aspects of connected cars such as powertrain capabilities. As a key driver of automotive IoT, we make it possible for OEMs to keep innovating and adding value to connected cars over the long term.