Realizing IoT strategies and data monetization

Let the framework of the top communication service providers be your guide: realizing IoT strategies through a holistic execution, partnerships and paths for data monetization.

Our strategic engagements with the world’s top communications service providers have yielded eight critical dimensions to consider as you bring your 5G and IoT strategies to life. Unique to this report, you’ll also find the four main paths to data monetization.

With the sheer volume of data generated by the Internet of Things, CSPs are in an excellent position to become high-value data players in the fast-growing information supply chain. Will you be a data aggregator with a data lake or a data broker with a data marketplace?

Learn about specific case studies that illustrate the current state of 5G and IoT strategies just in time for Mobile World Congress. Our strategic framework helps you identify strengths and shortfalls as you develop a holistic approach to capture emerging cross-industry and vertical-specific opportunities in this space.

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