Ericsson has solicited credit ratings by Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Fitch.

Ericsson considers an investment grade credit rating key for financial flexibility. The rating provides access to the debt capital market at attractive terms & conditions thereby reducing refinancing risk and alleviating swift execution of strategic decisions.

Ericsson actively manages the relationships with the agencies providing regular updates and meetings for a close and open dialogue.

Present rating

The present rating and outlook from Moody's, Standard and Poor's and Fitch are shown below:

  Standard & Poor's


Corporate Credit Rating BB+


Outlook Positive Positive Stable
Last rating action September 24, 2019 – Outlook changed from Stable to Positive  July 23, 2019 – Outlook changed from Stable to Positive July 27, 2018 - Outlook changed from Negative to Stable

Press releases on ratings

Standard & Poor's

Rating change   Press release
A Negative 2001-01-30
A+ Negative 2001-05-14
BBB+ Negative 2001-11-13
BBB Negative 2002-05-16
BBB- Negative 2002-07-22
BB+ Negative 2002-08-01
BB Negative 2002-11-07
BB+ Positive 2004-11-10
BBB- Positive 2005-02-28
BBB- Stable 2005-10-26
BBB+ Stable 2007-06-15
BBB+ Negative 2007-11-27
BBB+ Stable 2009-03-03
BBB+ Negative 2013-01-08
BBB+ Stable 2014-08-28
BBB+ Negative 2016-07-25
BBB Negative 2016-10-17
BBB- Negative 2017-03-31
BB+ Stable 2017-07-24
BB+ Positive 2019-09-24


Rating change   Press release
A3   2001-04-26
Baa1 Negative 2001-10-26
Baa2 Negative 2002-02-18
Baa3 Negative 2002-06-17
Ba1 Negative 2002-07-26
Ba2 Negative 2002-09-12
B1 Negative 2003-02-17
Ba2 Positive 2004-08-10
Ba1 Positive 2005-03-01
Baa3 Positive 2005-04-11
Baa2 Stable 2006-06-27
Baa1 Stable 2007-05-14
A3 Stable 2011-06-10
A3 Negative 2013-02-07
Baa1 Stable 2014-05-05
Baa1 Stable 2016-07-06
Baa2 Review 2016-10-14
Baa3 Negative 2016-12-15
Ba1 Stable 2017-05-03
Ba2 Negative 2017-10-25
Ba2 Stable 2018-07-18
Ba2 Positive 2019-07-23