Ericsson Operations Engine in Myanmar

Unleashing a world of potential

Ericsson Managed Services and Telenor build a leading-edge network from the ground up.


We told ourselves if Telenor was successful, we were successful

When Telenor and Ericsson Managed Services partnered in 2014 to build a new network in Myanmar, less than 10% of the population had access to mobile services. Five years later, Telenor Myanmar is one of the fastest growing mobile networks in Asia-covering more than 92% of the population. To handle the increased traffic, Telenor leveraged the Ericsson Operations Engine to proactively manage KPI degradation, sleeping cells, and traffic anomalies to provide superior network performance.

Get an inside look into the launch, development, and success of the network with Jai Prakash, Chief Technical Officer, Telenor Myanmar and Amitava Saha, Managed Services Chief Operations Officer, Ericsson Myanmar.

What other countries did over 25 years, we did in 5 years.

Myanmar's late adoption of mobile connectivity created a unique opportunity for Telenor and Ericsson, the chance to build a network from scratch. With a greenfield infrastructure, Ericsson Managed Services was able to bring in the people, processes, and leading technologies to position Telenor Myanmar for success from day one. More than a means to communicate, the Telenor network powered a wave of innovations across industries, including financial services, healthcare, and transportation.

Dive deeper into the rapid growth of the network and the mobile innovations that followed with Eric Timmer, Country Manager, Ericsson Myanmar, who was on the ground to witness the dramatic shift.

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