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Operate with the future in mind

Streamlined operations reduce the obstacles to successful innovation. AI and automation, running at the core of the Ericsson Operations Engine provide the performance, flexibility, and scale to pave the way for new levels of connectivity.

Innovate intelligently

The Ericsson Operations Engine uses data-driven insights to measure, monitor, and manage customer experience in real-time. This continuous feedback loop optimizes network services and lays the groundwork for explorative use cases in 5G and IoT, 4K video, and fixed wireless broadband.

womn working with manufacturing unit

Meet speed with speed


As the adoption of 5G grows, the number of cellular IoT connections is predicted to expand 4x by 2024. The resulting wave of traffic volume from enterprise and consumer use cases will require proactive management. The Ericsson Operations Engine uses AI and automation to predict, prioritize, and resolve issues fast. Detect latency degradation with up to 85% accuracy and identify up to 44% of anomalies without a single human interaction.