Speed time-to-market for new services

Networks that can bring new services to market faster provide operators with a competitive and innovative edge. The Ericsson Operations Engine brings together the experience, skills, and data-driven solutions to simplify and streamline complex service developments.

Test and deploy 10x faster

Work faster, efficiently, and enhance collaboration by adopting agile and DevOps methodologies. The Ericsson Operations Engine leverages a DevOps framework to redefine traditional ways of working, Realizing an open source approach to operations reduces testing and deployment time by up to 90%.

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Balancing speed and quality

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As network operators race into 5G and IoT developments, a shortened time-to-market represents only part of the challenge. Generates hyper-efficient using the Ericsson Operations Engine to balance rapid development-to-deployment cycles with enhanced levels of security, performance, and reliability, reducing cycles by up to 6 months.