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Ensure a smooth experience from end-to-end

The Ericsson Operations Engine uses AI and automation to better understand your network and customers. By integrating service KPIs directly into the operational model, you can allocate resources to ensure customers receive excellent performance when and where they need it.

Make quality a priority

Whether browsing, streaming, or gaming, customers expect consistent quality from across your network. The Ericsson Operations Engine combines advanced analytics with dynamic capabilities to meet customer needs now. This could translate up to a 60% increase in download speeds on Facebook or improved quality and less dropped calls on VoLTE.

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Reduce churn and boost NPS scores

Digital dashboard

With the ability to initiate automatic fault resolution across an entire network—often from a single screen—operators can focus their time and energy on more complex challenges. It's a collaboration that benefits customers at nearly every level. Operators could see previously negative NPS scores reach 70 or more, and in turn, reduce churn by up to 30%.

Customer cases

Ericsson Expert Analytics selected by EE to improve customer experience

EE, the UK's largest mobile operator and part of the BT Group, selected Ericsson to help improve EE subscriber satisfaction, net promoter score, propensity to call and first call resolution rate.

Swisscom receives highest score ever recorded in Connect test

Swisscom teamed up with Ericsson to help it reclaim the top spot in authoritative independent network benchmark test, achieving an 'outstanding' rating for new features and end-to-end performance.

Ericsson extends Managed Services deal with Zain Iraq to 2021

Ericsson strengthens its role as a trusted business partner by supplying a Service Operation Center and Energy Network Operations Center to Zain Iraq, enhancing user experience for subscribers.