Your guide to selecting mission-critical push-to-talk

Your guide to selecting mission-critical push-to-talk

Aspects to consider when purchasing 3GPP-based mission-critical push-to-talk solutions.

Many critical communication service providers and agencies are currently considering a move towards mobile communications based on 3GPP technology standards, enabling significant enhancements to their daily operations in relation to currently used Land Mobile Radio technology.
If you are embarking on the journey to 4G/5G mission-critical services, moving away from voice-centric narrowband to critical mobile broadband with data-rich services, this guide provides aspects to consider when selecting a mission-critical services solution.

The guide will assist when seeking answers to essential questions around:

  • Which are the important end-user capabilities to consider retaining Land Mobile Radio user experiences while at the same time adding new, high-value multimedia services?
  • How do I preserve my current way of organizing and managing my group communication, while at the same time allowing me to add new multimedia services and introduce new, more agile ways of working?
  • What do I need to consider ensuring mission-critical services, in terms of reliability, performance and scalability?
  • How do I capture the latest innovations in terms of device evolution, applications, and other services?

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