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Ericsson Mobility Calculator

Ericsson Mobility Calculator allows you to explore the relationship between the usage of various app types and monthly traffic per subscription. The application enables the user to estimate the traffic impact of different types of applications, including streaming of various video resolutions and immersive video formats, such as VR 360-degree video.

Get familiar with our usage profiles

Heavy (30 GB/month)

Heavy usage (30 GB/month) 
This profile is common among users with unlimited data plans. As is the case for video-centric profile, video consumption is dominant.

Light (1 GB/month)

Light usage (1 GB/month)
In several markets, user data consumption is less than 1 GB/month. For this profile, video is around a third of the monthly data volume. This is the only usage profile where video is not dominant.

Video-centric (19 GB/month)

Video-centric usage (19 GB/month)
For this profile, streaming video over cellular more than an hour per day is common. The proportion of monthly traffic volume attributable to video is over 90%.

World average 2018 (5.6 GB/month)

World average 2018 (5.6 GB/month)
This usage profile reflects the data consumption proportion of different app categories for a world average smartphone user, where 60% is video consumption.

World average 2024 (20 GB/month)

World average 2024 (20 GB/month)
Our forecast projects an average usage of 20 GB/month for 2024, where almost 75% is video streaming. This usage profile reflects a possible consumption pattern of different app categories for a smartphone user in 2024.

Social media-centric (5 GB/month)

Social media-centric (5 GB/month)
This profile reflects users who spend almost 3 hours/day with social media. They spend less time on video streaming compared with video-centric behavior, but still consume video on a similar level as a world average user.

In focus

Ericsson Mobility Visualizer (EMV)

Ericsson Mobility Visualizer allows you to explore the forecast data that underpins the Ericsson Mobility Report. Our interactive web application contains historical as well as forecast data on mobile subscriptions, traffic, data consumption and IoT connected devices. Users are able to generate custom graphs or download the data.

Innovative video formats on the horizon

Immersive video formats have innovative and rapidly evolving ecosystems, but streaming video traffic in mobile networks today is still largely standard definition (480p) and high definition (720p).

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