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Why Network Support is essential for 5G operation?

Why Network Support is essential for 5G operations

Fast, accurate fault isolation through our data-driven Network Support

Ericsson’s new Network Support includes speedy fault isolation, root cause analysis, remedies and recommendations. It covers both hardware and software repairs in a multi-vendor environment. And it involves our engineered intelligence assets, remote diagnostics and guided troubleshooting. 

By leaving the end-to-end network issue-resolution process in our capable hands, the service provider can stick to introducing new technologies and launching new services. 

Here are the main benefits of Network Support:

  • fault-isolation time reduced from days to hours or even minutes
  • Lead time reduction up to 50 percentage
  • a single point of contact for fault isolation in complex ecosystems 
  • site visits cut by up to 25 percent 
  • tower climbs reduced by more than 10 percent 
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