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Webinar: Network slicing: Building essential end-to-end capabilities in 4G/5G

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Duration: 45 min + Q&A


Network slicing deployment can start now with 4G and further evolve with the introduction of 5G systems. The ultimate goal is end-to-end network slices applied to a mix of use cases. However, getting the technology base in place for end-to-end slicing requires leveraging existing 4G capabilities, to build both deployment and business experiences and knowledge, while evolving into 5G.

This webinar will also explore the most important capabilities to build today in preparation for network slicing in 5G. These capabilities include securing RAN resources with required observability, transport resources, guaranteed allocation of slices across a single network, automating the instantiation of a slice, and how to simultaneously assure the SLAs on each slice. An expert panel will also present various examples of tackling the current network slicing challenges and those of the foreseeable future.