5G network slicing lets you monetize new 5G services

5G network slicing lets you monetize new 5G services

How service providers can productize network slicing for live broadcast capture

Network slicing

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5G enables new business model innovation across all industries. Network slicing will play a crucial role in enabling service providers to offer innovative services to enter new markets and expand their business already today.

What is network slicing?

Network slicing is the operators’ best answer on how to build and manage a network, that meets and exceeds the emerging requirements from a wide range of users. The way to achieve a sliced network is to transform it into a set of logical networks on top of a shared infrastructure. Each logical network is designed to serve a defined business purpose and comprises of all the required network resources, configured and connected end-to-end.

The network slice is a logically separated, self-contained, independent and secured part of the network, targeting different services with different requirements on speed, latency and reliability.  Network slice characteristics are for example low latency, high bandwidth and ultra-reliability for a critical IoT use case or higher latency and lower bandwidth for a massive IoT use case.

To efficiently manage the network slices and to maximize revenues, a modern OSS and BSS providing automated business and operational processes is a must. With programmable and flexible 5G networks and advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) driven orchestration, the required network functions can be flexibly created, quickly deployed and automatically managed throughout the life cycle.

A network slice can be dedicated to one enterprise customer, or shared by multiple tenants. For example, a slice may consist of dedicated radio, transport and core resources including a dedicated user plane function at the edge.  Another slice shares radio & transport resources between tenants, but provides dedicated core network functions per tenant. 

End-to-end network slicing enables new business model innovation and use cases across all verticals, and creates new revenue opportunities for communication service providers. It provides service flexibility and ability to deliver services faster with high security, isolation, and applicable characteristics to meet the contracted SLA. Network Slicing enables operators to maximize the return on investment via efficient usage and management of the network resources and provide differentiated services at scale.

Meeting top enterprise needs

As 5G brings new technologies and creates new business opportunities across all industries, enterprises are looking for innovative solutions to meet their needs and to address new opportunities. Enterprise users want automated business and operational processes starting from ordering the service, activation, delivery and de-commissioning of the service. They are expecting services to be delivered faster with high security.

With network slicing, communication service providers can meet all the needs from their enterprise customers.

Watch this video and explore the network slicing business opportunities | Video | 3 min

Multi-enterprise campuses connectivity services report

Network slicing solutions offer unique benefits at multi-tenant enterprise campuses, where multiple enterprises with stringent connectivity requirements are gathered on sites in rural locations, away from highly-developed connectivity infrastructure. For these environments, slicing can provide great flexibility and cost-effectiveness compared to today’s fixed connectivity options. Find out the potential partnerships and future business models for CSPs in this report.

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Remote broadcasting report

5G and network slicing has the possibility to radically change how broadcasters of all sizes transmit live content from remote locations. They will benefit from high speeds, smaller crews and the possibility to cover more for less. This means new revenue opportunities for service providers and new business models and partnerships to explore. Get insights from our report and understand the impact that network slicing will have on this industry.

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Mobile cloud gaming report

The opportunity for the CSP is that the mobile cloud gaming market is growing. Furthermore, many gamers are willing to pay for enhanced gaming experiences. Discover a new world of high-performance games—gain insights from our mobile cloud gaming report into commercialization aspects, business models and first steps that service providers need to consider for mobile cloud gaming.

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Network slicing early commercial use case series

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200 billion reasons to explore network slicing

Network slicing provides an enormous business potential for communication service providers, which opens up many different opportunities and possible go-to-market roles – especially in the enterprise segment. In our new, network slicing value potential report, we’ve analyzed more than 400 5G use cases and isolated the slicing-enabled revenue. The subset of revenue that CSPs could address is USD 200 billion. In 2025, the same figure is estimated to be USD 45 billion. Ready to capture a slice of the revenue pie?


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Dynamic Network Slice Selection

Tailored multiple slices for your smartphone 

Network slicing is a key enabler in 5G networks providing a growing number of opportunities to offer a variety of new services with applications on different devices. Ericsson Dynamic Network Slice Selection enables flexible separation of services and enhances traffic steering to maximize quality of experience on a single device. The new Ericsson solution has been tested in CSP networks and on commercial smartphones and can be smoothly introduced on top of the Ericsson 5G Core.   

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Use cases

The recipe for 5G monetization success

In November 2021, Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) and Ericsson demonstrated the first 5G E2E multiple network slicing on multiple commercial Android devices, based on the Ericsson-powered 5G standalone (SA) system. This trial showcased part of the functionality of the recently announced Ericsson Dynamic Network Slice Selection solution, marking a breakthrough in network slicing capabilities on a 5G SA network and paving the way for further ecosystem development in this important area.

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5G network slicing use cases

With the enormous network slicing business potential emerging, communication service providers need to act now. But navigating where to start and invest is complex. That’s why we’ve done the job for you. In our new report we’ve analyzed more than 400 digital use cases in 70 industries. Six industries will drive the majority of the addressable revenue potential, and one or two use cases in each industry will account for most of the revenue in each. Are you targeting the right industries?

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Network slicing is an end-to-end game

Time to start your network slicing journey | Paper | 20 min.

Network slicing is a new paradigm and introduces a completely new way of specifying services and delivering them in a flexible, agile, and automated way. It is a journey and the focus has shifted from ‘what slicing is’ to ‘what the business strategy is’. This paper explores key steps & considerations for communication service providers who want to start their network slicing transformation journey.

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The essential network slicing building blocks | Paper | 20 min.

What capabilities are needed to deploy network slicing? How does the end-to-end network slicing architecture look like?

Explore the key components of end-to-end network slicing in this paper – all the way from monetization and service automation capabilities to network deployments and configurations, for full programmability.

Applied network slicing scenarios | Article | 15 min.

This Ericsson Technology Review article provides an overview of the different types of private 5G networks that can be created with network slicing and explains how network slicing techniques enable the customization of system behavior and the isolation of resources/functions for specific services in each.

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Industry insights

Revenue opportunities

What are the business drivers for CSPs? What industries are key and how can CSPs meet their needs? Listen to our expert discuss the revenue opportunities with network slicing and exposure.

Go-to-market strategies

What are the primary go-to-market challenges that CSPs are facing? Will the pricing structure change and how should CSPs quickly gain the industry vertical knowledge needed? Listen to our expert to find out.

Challenges and tactics to succeed

What are the key challenges CSPs face, and what is the three-step approach to overcome them? Which are the critical capabilities you need to get right? Get all the insights from our expert.

The journey and steps needed

What does the new ecosystem look like and why is coopetition key? Learn how CSPs need to position, which strengths to amplify and what steps are needed to succeed.

Network slicing customer engagements

Network slicing customer engagements

Customer insights

Vodafone & Sky | Enhancing fan experience | Blog post | 7 min.

Ericsson has been working with Vodafone, Sky and the Bundesliga to provide a sliced 5G network to enhance the fan experience.

Telus | 5G enterprise opportunities | Video | 25 min.

Listen to Samer Geissah, Telus and Balaji Ethirajulu, Ericsson discuss network slicing and exposure strategies to capture 5G enterprise business.


SKT | A slice of 5G serving global customers | Article | 2 min.

Ericsson and SK Telecom demonstrates 5G Federated Network Slicing, securing network performance across borders.

DOCOMO | Performing dynamic 5G network slicing | Article | 2 min.

DOCOMO demonstrates the benefits of network slicing by creating slices for AR and using dynamic orchestration to provide the right user experience.

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“I believe I ordered the large network slice!” | Podcast | 35 min.

Enjoy this Tech Uncorked podcast episode where we jointly discuss what network slicing is, the business opportunities it opens up and how it can improve customer experience.  

Capturing gaming revenue opportunities | Report

Cloud gaming subscriptions are rising fast in North America. Our latest report explores how this segment represents huge revenue potential for service providers.

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BT | Economic study of 5G network slicing | Report | 25 min.

Read our economic study of 5G network slicing for IoT service deployment that analyzes the economic benefits of network slicing in partnership with UK operator BT.

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