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Ericsson swaps: Enhancing experience and performance

A northern European operator, with the highest data use per subscriber in the country, required network performance improvements and spectrum utilization while readying for 5G.

We swapped a legacy vendor’s 4G to the Ericsson Radio System in major cities and simultaneously re-farmed spectrum to introduce LTE on the 2100MHz band.

Engineer on tower

The results:

  • Over 25 percent LTE capacity increase
  • Future-proofed system ready for 5G
  • Ericsson Radio System’s compact hardware reduced need for new permits and leases
  • No increase in energy consumption, even after adding another frequency band
  • Increased spectrum enhancing capacity gains and network performance

Feature highlights:

Micro-Sleep Transmission (TX) everywhere saves energy and lowers opex 

Inter-eNodeB Carrier Aggregation (CA) increases downlink bitrates

CA-aware Inter-Frequency Load Balancing (IFLB) matches the phone’s band combination capabilities for better experience