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Ericsson swaps: Future-proofing for 5G

A southern European operator needed to improve end-user experience and renew the network to prepare for 5G.

We delivered a better selection, based on the Ericsson Radio System, by swapping and modernizing more than 2,000 urban sites. The future-proofed system is now ready for 5G and LTE re-farming.

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The outcomes:

  • 40 percent traffic increase on LTE, with performance improvements on 2G and 3G
  • Enhanced user experience, using traffic balance between carriers, particularly for special events and high-load scenarios, e.g. 90GB downloads per hour at event sites
  • Faster rollout by reusing existing infrastructure, such as antennas and cables, when swapping radio and baseband
  • Swapped city of 50,000 inhabitants in one day, improving performance and increasing traffic volumes

Feature highlights:

UE throughput-aware Inter-Frequency Load Balancing (IFLB)

Dynamic UE admission control

Physical Downlink Control Channel (PDCCH) power boost