Delivering robust indoor 5G to subscribers

KT brings 5G indoors with the Ericsson Radio Dot System

KT and Ericsson have successfully trialed and deployed an indoor 5G network using the Ericsson Radio Dot System. KT’s Daegu office is the first site to be deployed, now delivering robust connectivity for its employees.

South Korea has already seen a big 5G uptake since its April 2019 launch. More than three million subscriptions were collectively recorded by the country’s service providers by the end of September 2019. KT, one of the country’s leading mobile operators, is working with Ericsson to bring high speed 5G connectivity and IoT functionality indoors, with its Daegu office being the first site to be deployed with the 5G Ericsson Radio Dot. The solution is now delivering 5G speeds and robust connectivity for all KT employees on that location.

For future indoor 5G rollouts, KT is developing diversified indoor business models that will enable high value-added services, like smart office applications, including security and asset management systems. 5G will deliver significant value indoors, and Ericsson and KT are working together to deliver exceptional 5G coverage and capacity across South Korea.

5G is all about enhancing the end user’s experience, whether that’s through mobile broadband, or delivering advanced capabilities like Smart Buildings and IoT applications. KT has realized the potential of these additional services that will complement their current 5G connectivity offerings and create new high-value products that their subscribers need or don’t even know they need yet!

The challenge

KT needed to test a high performance, 5G indoor solution in their Daegu Headquarters that would blend seamlessly into the environment, deliver 5G speeds and connectivity to KT employees, and without major interruption to work.

The solution

Ericsson’s 5G Radio Dot System enabled KT to quickly and easily install an entire 5G system in the KT Daegu office. The Ericsson 5G Radio Dot is the industry’s highest performing and most flexible indoor connectivity solution.

Measuring only 200mm in diameter, and weighing only 1100g, the 5G Dot, the Dot 4479, is the smallest, lightest, and highest performing 5G mid band small cell indoor radio on the market.

As more than 80% of the total data traffic comes from indoor users, it is essential to implement a network that can provide high-capacity 5G in-building services. Ericsson as a global leader in mobile communication system including 5G has extensive experience in indoor services, particularly RDS. Through collaborating with Ericsson, I believe KT can provide both the world’s best 5G coverage and speed at once.

- Jaeseon Jang, VP, Head of Access Network, KT
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KT is Korea's largest comprehensive telecommunications provider, leading the fourth industrial revolution with the world's first 5G service and intelligent network platform.

After merging KTF, a mobile telecommunication subsidiary, in 2009, Korea introduced the first smartphone, and introduced 5G infrastructure and cutting-edge information and communication technology.


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