Telefónica México: Analytics to boost network quality

Ericsson delivered advanced analytics and actionable recommendations to Telefónica México. The services enable early detection of critical issues and incident prevention, resulting in improved operational efficiency and improved network quality.

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A lot of changes have been going on in Telefónica México core network and network stability has been impacted despite of redundancy. Increased workload and resource constrains in network operations caused negative network impact such as dropped calls.

We delivered advanced analytics combined with rule-based automation to enable early detection of critical issues. We also provided actionable recommendations to Telefónica's Network Operations Center back office team for issue prevention, resulting in improved operational efficiency and improved network quality.

Analytics and automation are the right measures to handle the challenges during network transformation. We're confident to work closely with Ericsson to ensure the best quality for our customers in this journey.

- Jorge Millones, Director of Network Operations and Services at Telefónica México

The challenge

Network stability is impacted due to increasing network changes. The NOC back office is overloaded and missing out to address critical network issues, i.e. causing dropped calls.

The solution

Detection of emerging critical issues in Circuit Switch Core enabled by analytics and rule-based automation platform. Guidance on issue prevention through Ericsson expertise.

The result

Thanks to effective issue prevention, critical issues in the circuit switch core network go down by 70%. In addition, recovery time of critical incidents is 40% less than before. Both contribute to highly improved network quality.

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